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The Five Best Comments on Eater This Week

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Welcome to Saturday Night Five, where we shine a light on the best quips, barbs, burns, and nuggets of truth from Eater NY commenters. Here's this week's cream of the crop:
5) Sommelier shares his thoughts on the pesky ice/no ice charges at The Hustler Club:

Uhhhh..... the place IS called "The Hustler Club". You were expecting NOT to get hustled? What? You thought that YOU were the Hustler? LOL!!!!!!!!
4) An anonymous commenter does not agree with Sifton's take on Colonie:
"alongside perfectly executed classics, like a biscuit so crumbly and buttery it might as well be a scone" sounds like a pretty poorly executed biscuit to me.

3) JJ Paladino is surprised by the name of the new restaurant going into the Nolitan Hotel:

Can you tell me how you got the name? My grandaughter now 4 years old, her name is Ellabess! She's the first we have ever heard of.

Thanks, JJ Paladino -

2) An anonymous commenter offers an alternative to Dave Arnold's crazy sandwich:
My local diner makes a killer patty melt. Takes 1 step: call them.
1) ST. A on our starter kits to three popular restaurants:
I really miss the restaurants from 10 years ago with the Zen style and trance music, zig zig slashes on my plate and a tower of tuna. Uniforms with no collars and backwards vests - true inventiveness. That's when stuff was real, now its just a bunch of phony farmers and a bunch of old junky stuff.
Congrats to this week's Saturday Night Five! Next round's on us.
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