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Hot Looks From Hot Cooks: Beard Awards Fashion Focus

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The James Beard Awards are on Monday night, and if you're a chef that still hasn't figured out what to wear on the red carpet at Lincoln Center, have no fear: here are five sure-fire looks that will wow your fellow cooks on the big night.

5) The Magician:
[Terrance Brennan, Johnny Iuzzini, Jacques Pepin, Mario Batali]
If you don't feel comfortable in a regular tux, this look, inspired by the nightclub performers of Reno and Las Vegas, is an easy trick to pull off. And here's the secret: grab a shiny vest, collarless black jacket, or colorful tie and Presto-Chango! You're ready for the red carpet.

4) Special-Ties:
[David Burke, Daniel Boulud, Gabriel Kreuther, Julian Nicollini]
For a more formal look with a bit of panache, consider a regular tux with a pinwheel-striped tie. It's a simple touch that reminds people of barbershops and ice cream parlors. Or, take restaurateur Julian Nicollini's lead and wear a tie with a constellation pattern — a little bit of stardust goes a long way.

3) Every Which Way But Loose:
[Cesare Casella, Daniel Humm, Scott Conant, Wylie Dufresne]
Ditch the tie, lose the top button, and you've got a look that's appropriate for the awards show, the after-parties, the after-after-parties, and the drunken cab ride home at 5 AM.

2) The Party Girl:
[Donatella Arpaia, Lidia Bastianich, Katie Lee Joel, Susan Ungaro]
You don't have to show up to the JBAs dressed like Ina Garten, for chrissakes. Have some fun with a patterned party dress! Remember, Curtis Stone might be there.

1) The Wildcard:
[Matsuhisa Morimoto, Michael Psilakis, Pichet Ong, Drew Nieporent]
And if you've got a personal style that you love, don't be afraid to show it. Just make sure that you're not copying anyone else. For inspiration, look to Morimoto's signature "Fan-and-Mumu" look, Michael Psilakis's "Evil Duke" get-up, Pichet Ong's "Rumpled Harlequin" outfit, and Drew Nieporent's "High Roller" ensemble.
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