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The Early Word on Monument Lane in the Old Day-O Space

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[Krieger, 4/14/11]

Monument Lane, a new neighborhood tavern in the old Day-O space, opened in late April, bringing some new life to the long-abandoned corner. The restaurant is named for the colonial-era portion of what is now Greenwich Avenue. The menu, created by chef Brian Murphy, features elevated pub fare, like pork pot pie, meatloaf and a sherry-glazed squab. They also offer a selection of cheese and charcuterie, oysters and other raw bar items, and some dishes for two. Let's take a look at what people are saying about the new West Village spot, shall we?

The Good News: An Urbanspoon user known as TN submitted a very kind review of the new Monument Lane. They write: "Everything we ate was beautifully presented, tasted delicious, and was a good value. The place gets a bit loud, or maybe it was just the loud guy next to us. Plan to return. Get the turnips!" Will do. [Urbanspoon]

The Okay but Passe News: Immaculate Infatuation thinks the food is okay but isn't impressed with the place overall: "As I wrote this review, I actually found myself wanting to write some of the very same things about Monument Lane that I said about Goat Town. It's a nice space and all, but it seems that some reclaimed wood, an antique musket, and a trip to the public library are the easiest way to a restaurant idea these days. We're over it. Luckily, the food at Monument Lane is more successful than at Goat Town. The menu is inspired by Civil War era New York and the use of local ingredients (because that's all they could use then!), but to us it just felt like refined bar food and comfort eating. The signature meatloaf is solid, and we liked the fish we ate quite a bit, but the most satisfying things on the menu were the things you should eat while you are focused on drinking. This makes for a restaurant that's perfectly fine for a meal in the neighborhood, but only Perfect For having a drink and some food at the bar before you head out for the night." [Immaculate Infatuation]

The Great News: Overall the Yelpers are early fans, especially this one: "I loved everything about our meal, the space, the friendly staff, the great cocktail list (enjoyed the Lady Warren) and both mine and my husband's meals from starters to desserts (and the decaf coffee!). What a great addition to the neighborhood with a fresh menu full of interesting (read: foodie) yet hearty (read: satisfying for all) small bites and mains. The house-made pretzel sticks are amazing and a must try. Kudos to creating a hip antique space--from the roomy bar to the WC. Looking forward to going back!" [Yelp]

The Not so Great News: But not all Yelpers were won over: "we went in randomly. No reservation. The pork cracklings caught our eye on the menu (they were out though) service nice but didn't make any attempts to check on us or sell us anything on the menu. The drinks were tasty but the pours were embarrassing. We are quality over quantity but this was ridiculous and also the first time I have ever openly complained about poor pour at a restaurant like this. Sophisticated comfort food, quality appetizer selection. Pork pot pie was nice. Pork chop is bone licking good. We'd go back but probably not til they sort out their opening kinks." [Yelp]

The Bad News: Twitterer @mappetite is not pleased: "What's up with mussels on the half shell @ MONUMENT LANE? Tres bizarre to lay 6 of these out on a platter of ice to impersonate oysters. ick" [Twitter]

The Impressed News: An Eater Commenter (Guest #13) defended Monument Lane in this Eater Inside post. They write about their meal: "I ate there the other night and I cannot tell you the last time I had a better meal without having to throw on a suit and tie."

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— Jackie Goldstein

Monument Lane

103 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10014

Monument Lane

103 Greenwich Avenue New York, NY 10014