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The Winners of Eater's El Buho Pequeño Contests

Today, at noon, Eater will launch El Buho Pequeño its first ever taco pop-up shop with the good folks at The Little Owl at their new event space at 93 Greenwich from noon to 9 PM today. Right this very moment, signs are going up, fake mustaches are getting applied, and sombreros are going on. Oh yeah, and tacos are being prepped.

To reward readers with free entry, we asked them to submit margarita names, pics of their favorite tacos, and lists of their favorite taco spots. The best submissions are below.

Margarita Names!
1. Cinco de Taco
2. MargarEater
3. Poco Borracho Buho
4. Hootarita
5. Early Buho gets the Worm
6. Y tu margarita tambien!
7. Drink de Mayo
8. Crazy Caballero
9. Owl Caramba!
10. Oaxaca Flocka

Readers' favorite taco spots:
Per @pantryprep: The taquitos at the rusty knot (do they count), beef tacos at Lime Jungle, and breakfast tacos at Stanton Social.

Per @nadinenicosia: fish taco from rockaway taco (summer!), moo shu duck tacos from pachanga patterson & al pastor at nixtamal.

Per @angmoore: My votes: chorizo-potato at Tehuitzingo, barbacoa at Tacos Morelos, chipotle chicken at Zaragoza. #popuptaco

Per @hchuaeoan: recette's new tuna crudo with young asparagus and crispy duck tongue! What a way to kick off a stay-cation.

For the kickass taco pics, check out our Facebook.

Didn't win? Come by anyway. It's $10 for three tacos and a beer.
· Spend Cinco de Mayo at Eater & The Little Owl's Taco Popup [~ENY~]

The Little Owl the Venue

93 Greenwich Ave., New York, NY