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Coming to You Live from El Buho Pequeño

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Today, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, what may be New York's booziest holiday (and a very important and real holiday to the Mexican people), Eater is teaming up with The Little Owl to throw a taco pop-up in their event space at 93 Greenwich Ave. We're here all day, from noon to 9 PM (or until supplies last) serving up tacos—$10 for three and a beer—margaritas, and all kinds of fun. Stop on by or check back here for regular updates.

12:15: We're rolling! We've got Eater readers, VIPs, West Villagers, passersby, and more getting in on the taco action. It's a perfect day for a taco and a beer.

12:30: We're starting to get a line.

12:45: The mariachi band is here! And they look awesome.

12:55: (They sound great too.)

1 PM: For those wondering, there are three tacos on offer today: skirt steak, fried cod, and veggie (mushrooms and peppers). We've been hearing from the crowd that the steak is the runaway winner.


1:03: Correction: someone just told us the fish taco, not the steak taco is the best. Noted.


1:09: No big deal, just a comic strip about being at the taco pop-up!

1:16: And Joey Campanaro just pulled the trigger on keeping the mariachi band until 5 PM. So do come by before then.


1:35: And the taco party is now spilling out onto the street!

1:45: Fiesta is officially in full swing. 1:50: The cops are here! But for tacos, not to shut down the fiesta.

2:24: Mariachi band currently chowing down on tacos and taking a break. Time to check out whatever weird Mexican movie we're streaming from Netflix.

2:53: Word on the street is these puppies will not last until 9 PM. Repeat they will not last until 9. Best bet is to get here by 7 PM.

2:55: Mariachi back on! And for those wondering, these $5 margaritas are super strong. And for he vodka and gin lovers in the house, we've got a full bar. It's 3 PM, why aren't you out drinking?

3:30: Fans of old Charles Bronson movies may want to know we're currently screening "El Chino" the 1970's Western. All to the soundtrack of our mariachi superstars, who have yet to repeat a song...we think. Currently two empty chairs in this joint. They could be yours.

3:37: Mariachi head honcho calling Mariachi HQ to see if they can stay even later. Stay tuned for this vital development.

3:40: A few cameos throughout the day: the esteemed Peter Meehan and Robert Sietsema, chef Mikey Price and Harold Dieterle, a little Zagat representation, comedian Max Silvestri, a guy wearing a sombrero, some hot chicks who made requests to the band, and lots of dudes in aviators. Just wait until the workday is over.

4:46: BREAKING: the mariachi band now includes a DRUMMER.


5:11: It's time to consider, what is your tequila story?

5:44: Candles dropped. We're dealing with an upscale operation. Ooh, and the pre-teens are here. A family affair!

5:50: Okay, time for Team Eater to go eat some more tacos and drink some margaritas. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

A special thanks to the crew at The Little Owl and to our chalkboard artist Lindsay Mound.

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