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Jo's Owner Calls Yelper 'an Idiot', Sends Her to Applebee's

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It's always a good read when a beleaguered restaurateur fights back against angry, often uninformed Yelpers on their Yelp pages. In a fun case today, Yelper Julia M writes a one star review of Nolita restaurant Jo's, writing that she was served a completely raw burger that tasted of propane, that the wine list is overpriced, the the service is bad, concluding, "In my two years of living in New York City I have never had a worse dining experience. EVER...This is on my list of places never to return to." Hear that? Worst dining experience EVER in her two whole years in living in NYC. Jo's owner Johnny Santiago has a Yelp post of his own in response:

It has been said , "An educated consumer is our best customer", clearly you do not fall into this category. You are an idiot.

I remember your table, after you and your girlfriend shared a burger and ate the whole thing except for the last bite, (I'm sure you also do the same with desserts you share with your friends) you then choose to complain about the burger, after our server checked in with you several times during your meal, I even took the burger off of your're welcome.

So to help you out, let me educate you:

First, we do not use propane gas, you're not from NYC, so let me inform you that no one in NYC uses propane gas in their kitchens, unless you're eating off of a food truck.

Second, as far as the quality of our product, we use the same meat, fish and vegetable purveyors as Keith McNally, Daniel Boulud, Freeman's, Burger and Barrel, etc, etc, etc.

Third, based on standard industry mark ups compared to our mark up, our wine list is the best value list in NYC, by at least 30%.

Fourth, There is an Applebee's in Times Square, I think you would feel more comfortable there with their sugary drinks, White Zinfandel, a bottle list that caps out at $35 and they won't cook their red meat under medium. (like all major chains outside of NYC, the warning is written on the menu for you).

Welcome to NY, now please go back to where you came from. I am very thankful that you will not be returning to my establishment.

Best regards,
Johnny Santiago (Jim Chu's business partner @ Jo's)

btw,- Since you're new to NYC, the quote at the top of my response is from Sy Syms

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