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Shake Shack Battery Park City Lookin' Good to Go!

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The shiny new Battery Park City Shake Shack inches closer to its final unleashing, and it couldn't come soon enough for the starved people of that community built on landfill. The BPC Shack was rumored last June, announced last July, approved by Community Board 1 in October, and scheduled to open this April/May. Well maybe that was ambitious, but by the looks of the exterior (tables, completed signage) and a peek inside (registers, plugged in and turned on custard machines), the debut is not far off. And next: a Blue Smoke, a rooftop bar and garden, and Floyd Cardoz's North End Grill.
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· All Shake Shack Coverage [~ENY~]

Shake Shack BPC

215 Murray St., New York, NY