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M. Wells Working on Expansion Space, Children's Cookbook

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The scuttlebutt among regulars at M. Wells for months has been that the popular Long Island City diner would take over the bar space next door some day, should the red tape and Dept. of Health issues not prove too overwhelming. Now owner Sara Obraitis confirms to newsletter Time to Sign Off. And it sounds like it's not just to add more capacity:

We’re extending our premises into the space next door to create more room and freedom. Our intention isn’t to expand into a larger restaurant, necessarily, but to establish a well-organized community pergola: our working title for this project is the Fun Fun Arcade.
Fun! Or, fun fun! Also this: "We are also developing a narrative children’s cookbook illustrated by Kevin Somers."
· Sarah Obraitis, Co-owner of M. Wells [Time to Sign Off via DJ]

M. Wells Diner

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M. Wells

21-17 49th Ave., Long Island City, NY 11101