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A Few More Celebs Remember Elaine's on Its Final Night

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Legendary celeb and writer hangout Elaine's will serve its last meal tonight. Two weeks ago, the manager who inherited the restaurant after owner and founder Elaine Kaufman died explained that she was closing the place, because "the business is just not there without Elaine." To commemorate its final day, Vanity Fair's VF Daily blog collected soundbites from some of the famous regulars about Elaine, and the good times had at her restaurant.

David Dinkins remarks that "She was always very nice to me, even before I was mayor," Don Rickles fondly remembers her "wonderful stories," and Michael Caine has this to offer:

One evening an annoying man walked over to my table, Elaine noticed him, punched him on the nose, and slung him out. I use[d] to sit at the far-right-hand end of the restaurant, near a doorway. Whenever Elaine was asked where the toilet was, she said, ‘Turn right at Michael Caine.'
The fate of the restaurant remains uncertain after tonight, but there's still a chance Graydon Carter might snatch it up.
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