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A Sneak Peek at Yotel's New Drinking and Dining Options

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New York already has The Eventi, a bright, kind of kooky hotel complete with multiple dining options—FoodParc, BeerParc, Bar Basque—and a giant terrace, and now the city has Yotel, a bright, kind of kooky hotel with an even bigger terrace and perhaps even quirkier dining options, opening in the next couple of weeks.

As mentioned previously, Yotel is a hotel within a major Hell's Kitchen development that is notable for its small rooms, its purple motif, and its luggage robot Yobot (seen above). It is also home to a slew of dining options and a humungoid outdoor terrace. Time to take a look-see at the dining options, all under the helm of chef Richard Sandoval:

First up there is Dohyo, an Asian-Mexican fusion small plates spot named after a sumo wrestling ring that will open on or before June 15. Though there are tables along the walls, the central dining area is a large wooden platform with sunken seats that will be covered with cushions. The tables, built with hydraulics, will rise up and down, allowing the platform to transform into a performance space. As one rep said during a tour today, "It's not for everyone. It's a very social experience." And climbing into those seats will not be for the faint of heart (or even the skimpily dressed). At Dohyo, they'll serve a menu of 50 small plates, all in the $10 - 12 range.

Outside in the 200-person terrace, there will be two bars, inflatable cabanas, fire pits, retractable roofs on two sides, major Manhattan views, picnic tables, and wood-burning ovens. They'll serve flatbreads and stews in cast-iron pots. Folks in cabanas will also be able to order small plates and sushi from Dohyo.

Meanwhile there is also the Green Lounge, a little hallway of sorts offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Club Lounge, a purple bar that will offer food during the day (bento boxes and small plates) and will transform into a club with a DJ at 10 PM every night. Club Lounge is lined with glassed in rooms (called "Cabins") that guests can rent out for meetings or small parties. They come with flat screen TV and, if so desired, bottle service.

The whole crazy shebang will open in stages, beginning with the terrace on or before June 10. Something to think about next time you're stranded on 10th Avenue for some reason.

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570 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10036