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Josh Ozersky on Meatopia 2011 + A Ticket Giveaway

In what's being called the "Woodstock of Edible Animals," tickets go on sale today for Meatopia, food writer Josh Ozersky's all-meat festival. The lineup of over 45 chefs — with more to be announced later — includes Sean Brock (Husk, SC), Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo (Animal, LA), Naomi Pomeroy (Beast, Portland, OR), and New York City chefs April Bloomfield, Michael White, and Floyd Cardoz. The full list of participating chefs is below.

Tickets range from $85 general admission, to $130.00 "Carnesseur" (unlimited beer), to $195 for "Meat Elite" access. In addition, we're doing a giveaway of five general admission tickets to the event. Details of that contest are below. But first, a quick interview with grand Meatopian Josh Ozersky:

Who's someone on the lineup that people might not know?
The one that I'm most excited about that New Yorkers might not know is Sean Brock. I still haven't been to his new restaurant, but I think of Sean Brock as one of the most exciting meat talents in America and may be the future direction of American cooking. He's certainly the crown prince of lardcore right now, there's no doubt about that.

The lineup and contest details. >>>