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Num Pang Sandwich Shop Coming Soon to Midtown

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Last month news broke that popular Cambodian sandwich shop Num Pang, a Greenwich Village spinoff of the now shuttered Cambodian restaurant Kampuchea, was expanding to an unknown location. Turns out, it's in Midtown! A tipster walked by the new space today on East 41st Street right next to sports bar Public House and spotted the owners outside. PR confirms the location but can't share more, as they're still working out the restaurant's details prior to opening.

Given how popular the place is right by Union Square—the opening in 2009 was followed by weeks of lines—this locale, right in the thick if Midtown East's office buildings and just two blocks from Grand Central, should do gangbusters. Midtown: spicy Asian sandwiches are on the way.
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Num Pang

140 East 41st St., New York, NY