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Eater's Kid Critics Review Brooklyn's Van Horn Sandwich Shop

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Move over Sifton, Platt, and Sietsema—meet Lucy and Max, a brother and sister team that twice monthly assess the restaurants of New York for Eater. Lucy is seven years-old and Max is five.


A hint to restaurateurs hoping to win over Eater's critic duo Max & Lucy (like Rob & Rob but slightly less seasoned): paper tablecloths and crayons. That's what Van Horn Sandwich Shop in Cobble Hill offers, and it's an instant win with this pair. Read on ahead to find out what the kids think of pimento cheese and whether or not they will go for it and dip their hushpuppies in the tomato soup.

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Van Horn Sandwich Shop

231 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 596-9707

Van Horn Sandwich Shop

231 Court St., Brooklyn, NY