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Currywurst Bros., Ambassades Buffet, Alfama Certified Open

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1) Clinton Hill: Grub Street learns that Salva Vida, the new taco spot from an owner of The General Greene has opened around the Bed-Stuy/Clinton Hill border. The small space serves a $7 and under menu of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chicken-lime soup, and rice and beans. Status: Signs point to open, but only Wednesday - Sunday; 291 Greene Ave.

2) Greenwich Village: Fork in the Road notes that Currywurst Bros. has finally opened on Bleecker Street. Their assessment: "The staff was exceedingly friendly and knowledgeable about their product, and given that the location is in prime drunk food territory, it's likely that this spot will be a hit." Status: Certified Open; 182 Bleecker St., 917-265-8317.

3) Harlem: Harlem Condo Life reports that Ambassades Buffet is now open on Lenox Ave. in Harlem. They serve crepes, smoothies, milkshakes, pastries, breads, and ice cream to go at the front counter and a buffet of West African cuisine in the dining room. Status: 341 Lenox Avenue.

4) Upper East Side: New high-end Czech eatery Hospoda opens to the public tonight. They'll serve a modern take on traditional Czech fare paired with Pilsner Urquell, poured four different ways. Status: Opening tonight; 321 East 73rd St., 212-861-1038

5) Midtown: Alfama, the West Village Portuguese restaurant that closed in 2009, reopens tonight in Midtown. Owners Tarcísio Costa and Miguel Jerónimo will serve snacks like rabbit meatballs and fried cod tongues, entrees like red snapper with lobster rice and a stew called Mariscada Alfama, and a large selection of Portuguese cheeses and desserts. Status: Opens tonight; 214 East 52nd St., 212-759-5552.


321 East 73rd Street, New York, NY 10021


214 E 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022 212 759 5552

Currywurst Bros.

182 Bleecker St., New York, NY