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Metrazur to Close July 1, Possibly Ceding Space to Apple Store

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Back in February rumors began flying that folks at Apple were eying Charlie Palmer's Metrazur space on the east balcony overlooking the Grand Concourse at Grand Central Terminal for a new Apple Store. At the time reps for Palmer's restaurant group said there was no such deal, and later a broker confirmed that it was a no-go.

But the deal is back on the table.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Metrazur will indeed close on July 1, and the MTA is putting out a request for proposals today to fill both the restaurant space and the space on the north balcony. Since Palmer still has eight years left on his lease, the new tenant will have to pay him a sum to vacate his lease while also picking up the tab for the huge rent. The size of the space—it's smaller than Apple's other stores—and the logistical issues of working within a landmarked building could pose challenges to the company, but an MTA rep says they've spoken with Apple and hope they step forward to take the space.

As for Metrazur, Palmer has his eye on the Michael Jordan's steakhouse space, which is still open, for a possible new location. If he moves outside of the terminal, he'll relocate his staff but choose a new name, as Metrazur was named after a train.
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Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY