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New Rendering for Union Square Pavilion's City Farm Cafe

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Back when the Parks Department was still reviewing bids for the new planned, and somewhat controversial, restaurant at the revamped Union Square Pavilion, design firm BNO Design released an almost Grecian rendering of the space with flowing curtains and umbrellas covering outdoor seating. Now that O-V Hospitality Group and chef Don Pintabona officially won the bid, Parks and CMS Architecture and Design (Dylan Prime, Grayz, Haru) have released an official rendering for the upcoming City Farm Cafe, which is scheduled to open next spring.

What we lose in white curtains we gain in gaggles of gold scalies, awnings strewn in lightbulbs, and a globe-like central light in the domed ceiling. The sunset is a nice touch. Click here for more info on the upcoming City Farm Cafe.
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City Farm Cafe

Union Square Park, New York, NY