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Classic, Vintage, Rustic, Farmhouse Pub Coming Soon

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Roving photog Will Femia stumbled upon the space at right in Clinton Hill, which is not exactly noteworthy except for the following description of it given back in October. It should be put in a time capsule so people of the future can know what it was like to dine in 2011:

a classic vintage pub and restaurant that will transport you back to the days of old New York. Farmhouse restaurant created in the spirit of the inns and dining rooms found in New York during the Prohibition era and at the turn of the century. The establishment will be distinguished from the competition by its distinctive, unique atmosphere. The menu will offer 24 quality draft beers, 40 quality bottled beers and 2 highly unique Cask Ales from all over America and around the world, an extensive wine menu from both regional and international vineyards. Lunch, dinner and also a traditional brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. The atmosphere will be fun, laid back, rustic and warm.
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[Photo: Femia]

Unnamed Pub & Restaurant

419 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, NY