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P&G, Enzo's Pizza, Bread Stuy Serve Their Last

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1) Upper West Side: Jeremiah moss files the sad news that P&G is closing on the Upper West Side. P&G is an almost 70 year-old business that lived for most of its life at 73rd and Amsterdam. It relocated in 2009 to Columbus and 78th due to rent hikes and was never the same. It lost its iconic neon sign and then added live music and a burger menu to its offerings. An unknown entity from Baltimore is taking the place when P&G closes on May 31. [JVNY]

2) East Village: Enzo's Pizza on 2nd Avenue and 3rd Street served its last slice yesterday. [The Local]

3) Bed-Stuy: Bed-Stuy Patch reports that Bread Stuy, a seven year-old cafe on Lewis Avenue, has shuttered. It was mainly due to the many fines levied by the city for health violations and back taxes. Says the Patch, "The closing is a big blow to the heart of the community, as the java and pastry shop has served as a mainstay and hub for artists, musicians, activists, students and locals to rendezvous." [BSP]

Bread Stuy

403 Lewis Ave., Brooklyn, NY