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Thieves do a Number on the Bathrooms at Tenpenny

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Welcome to Eater's latest feature, Shit People Steal, in which we ask restaurant industry folks what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen.

2011_05_tenpennytheif.jpgToday in Shit People Steal, Jeffrey Tascarella of new Midtown restaurant Tenpenny has some thieves meddling with his downstairs bathroom:

Mine are all bathroom related, and more annoying rather than 'big ticket' stuff.

1) Just yesterday, someone ripped our "W/C" sign off of one of our bathrooms. Person: it's a fucking frame I bought at Pier One; I made a sign in Adobe Illustrator, printed it in my office, and placed in said frame. I didn't have money in the budget for fancy bathroom signs--I wanted these cool bronze ones, but we had to buy pots and pans and all that jazz--but it fit the aesthetic and did the job. Now, we have to repaint my bathroom door and make a new sign; both things we don't have time for.

2) This has also happened twice with the little old pictures of herbs and plants we have framed in the bathrooms at Tenpenny. Listen up: a very nice lady sells them at the flea market on the Upper West Side- I can give you her business card. Not that expensive. My manager Heather and I framed and mounted them ourselves. You could do this yourself, I'm sure of it. Now I have go back to that flea market, and I'm going to go to that weird Shake Shack and sit in the basement, and I'm going to eat two cheeseburgers and a concrete for breakfast and feel guilty about it. I hate you.

3) Soap dispensers. Constantly. Again: I bought them at Pier One. It's not like Adam Tihany and David Rockwell got together, got high, and hand-blew these things for me. A few questions for you: when you get home, do you pump all of the soap out of it (which is 'Softsoap', nothing crazy, if that's what you were thinking) and fill it with your own soap? While you stare at yourself in the mirror while slowly pumping it out into your sink, do you feel shame, or pride? Or do you use the soap that was leftover in there? Until you came to my restaurant, did you just have that big economy tub of handsoap under your sink with no way to dispense it?? Curious.
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