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Inside Upscale Czech Newcomer Hospoda, Opening Monday

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[Krieger, 5/19/11]

As mentioned on Wednesday, Hospoda is an upscale import from Prague that will open inside the renovated Bohemian National Hall on Monday. The focus here is somewhat novel in today's New York dining world—a modern take on traditional Czech fare paired with the country's signature beer Pilsner Urquell. They'll serve Pilsner and only Pilsner, but in four different pours with a differing amount of foamy head, and they've enlisted a "draught master" to make sure it's done right. The menu comes from acclaimed Czech chef Oldrich Sahajdák, who will split his time between both Prague and New York locations of the restaurants and who plans on having daily meetings over webcam with chef de cuisine Marek Sade.

Take a look around at the space, and its glass floor that looks down onto the beer cellar, above. Below is the menu, featuring a two-course $32 prix fixe. A multi-course will launch later this summer.

Bar Menu:

pickled camembert
pork belly, horseradish
steak tartare, toast
tripe soup, fresh marjoram
ham spots pasta, pickled onion

8 each

Dinner Menu:

hors d'œuvre
asparagus, mushrooms, walnuts, buttermilk sauce
steak tartare, quail egg, beet root, mustard air
rabbit aspic, liver pâté, white cabbage
prague style ham, horseradish foam, pickles, egg bread

poached hen egg, tomato, zucchini, bell pepper, fresh herbs
pike, grit potato, blood sausage, onion sauce
smoked duck breast, potato dumpling, red cabbage, apple
beef neck, tomato sauce, homemade pasta
veal schnitzel, braised potato, cucumber salad

prix fixe
two plates 32, each additional 12

Tasting Menu:

amuse bouche

prague style ham, horseradish foam, poached egg yolk, shallots

squash soup, san marzano jam, balsamico gelée , walnuts

rainbow trout, sorrel essence, asparagus, cauliflower

beef oyster blade, cream sauce with fresh dill oil, braised potato

house smoked beef tongue, white beans, rhubarb,
onion, marjoram

camembert, baked parsley root, honey meringue

sunchoke ice cream, malt, dried apple

petit four
prix fixe $ 100

chefs de cuisine - oldrich sahajdak, marek sada

321 East 73rd Street, Upper East Side


321 East 73rd Street, New York, NY 10021