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Soul Daddy, America's Next Great Restaurant, to Open in FiDi

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Last night, in a finale studded with some fun twists and turns, Judges Bobby Flay, Curtis Stone, Lorena Garcia, and Chipotle founder Steve Ells named Jamawn Woods the winner of America's Next Great Restaurant. His concept, a healthy soul food restaurant called Soul Daddy is scheduled to simultaneously open three locations today, one in LA, one in Minneapolis, and one at 189 Front Street down by the touristy South Street Seaport.

Woods beat out Sudhir Kandula's Spice Coast and Joey Galluzzi's Brooklyn Meatball Company (née Saucy Balls) for the win. Click through to Eater National for the video, and for those who stop by, send early reviews of his FiDi spot this a way.

Update: A lunch report from the tipline: "12:30pm lunchtime crowd was 20-30 people deep but I was able to place my order within about 10 minutes. The meal price points are nice with only one “meal” topping the $10.00 mark. This is not your father’s KFC, more like you kind old Gramma from Georgia?I went with the basic pulled pork sandwich, which for $5.00 couldn’t be beat. Not all that “sloppy” so I added some extra BBQ sauce. Nice serving of pork cooked just right. Tried out the corn bread waffle (meh) and the whole wheat biscuit (yum). I’ll be back for the ribs!"

· The Winner of America's Next Great Restaurant Is Soul Daddy [Eater National]

Soul Daddy

189 Front St., New York, NY