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Hustler Club Charges $2 For Ice And $2 For No Ice

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Welcome back to Receiptrocity, wherein entertaining and strange receipts are shared amongst the masses. If you've got an interesting, notable or funny receipt, scan/photograph it and send it on over to

Following the mega controversy surrounding the Darby's upcharge for a drink served on the rocks, a reader shares a story after a night in one of New York's premiere flesh palaces:

Thought you would enjoy this image of our receipt from Hustler Club. $2 for putting our drink on the rocks, and also $2 for taking it neat without rocks. Ha ha.
We're no math wizards, but it seems like they just charge an extra $2 for a drink no matter how you order it, which is not unexpected in a place where a two and a half minute lap dance costs $20 (or so we've been told).

Since the original incident, we've conducted an extremely unscientific poll finding that there are indeed bars that do charge more for a drink on the rocks, but this added charge is never shown on a receipt because the bars don't offer receipts. However, the unscientific poll also proved that this is in no way a universal practice in the industry because many bars and restaurants sell drinks for a single price, ice or no ice. But take comfort knowing that rocks charge or no rocks charge, you are grossly overpaying for drinks throughout Manhattan in one way or another.
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The Darby

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Hustler Club

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