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Answers Revealed for Eater's Burger Master Quiz

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Last week, as part of our first ever Burger Week, we promised two readers who could complete our special grid (see above and below) about $500 each in goodies from meat man Pat LaFrieda, including prime striploin steaks, prime rib eye steaks, chop beef Lafrieda blend, lamb racks and veal rack chops. In five days we received almost 200 entries, about 50 percent of them accurate. From that two were randomly chosen—Hi Jessica H! Hi Alvin Y!—for the win. For the answer key, see below.


10)2011_04_burgergrid6.jpg11) 2011_04_burgergrid12.jpg122011_04_burgergrid5.jpg

1) DB Bistro Moderne
2) The Spotted Pig
3) Royale
4) Shake Shack
5) Diner
6) Corner Bistro
7) Korzo [Photo: Flickr/bionicgrrl]
8) M. Wells
9) Veselka [Photo: Flickr/myinnerfatty]
10) Hillstone
11) 5 Guys
12) Either Lure or Burger & Barrel are acceptable answers, this burger can be found at both.