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Fancy Macaron Shop Maison Ladurée Opening NYC Location

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Maison Ladurée, a famed Parisian macaron shop and cafe beloved by ladies who lunch the world over, currently has locations spanning the globe, including shops in England, Japan, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. But apparently they're finally moving where it counts. A rep for the company reveals in an email that they'll be opening the first ever Maison Ladurée United States location at 864 Madison Avenue in July. The address was home to Italian shoe store Santoni until it closed last fall.

Ladurée is credited with creating the double decker macaroon and was in charge of all the pastry making for the film Marie Antoinette. It's also a favorite of Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf, making the UES setting especially fitting. Expect more info as the opening approaches.
· Maison Laduree [Official Site]

Maison Laduree

864 Madison Ave., New York, NY