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OMG, New York Clubs Actually Have Guest Lists

Have you ever walked up to a nightclub ready for a night of fun, only to be told by the doorman that you aren't on the list? If you answered yes to that question, have you also doubted that there even was a list? If you find yourself nodding your head, you can feel better now knowing that New York's most popular places like Lavo, The Bunker and 1OAK actually do maintain a permanent guest list, allowing them to keep both their high spending and culturally significant customers feeling well loved. An even bigger shock? Some of these clubs save the lists digitally, and use iPad's to check the lists! That seems preferable than simply opening the doors five nights a week and hoping that the door staff who may or may not have gotten a PHD in Doormanatology can randomly select the customers that are going to spend enough money to allow the club to stay in business.

Bonus fun fact: Chef Eric Ripert is on Midtown club Lavo's permanent list.
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