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Full Vendors List Released for Giant Food Fair Smorgasburg

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The organizers behind Smorgasburg, the foodie sister of the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg, have revealed the full list of vendors that will be on hand when it launches this Saturday at the waterfront. In addition to Greenmarket vendors and kitchenware suppliers, they'll feature the food stylings of Txikito's Alex Raij and the dudes from the Meat Hook, a Momofuku line cook selling fried chicken, and a spinoff of the now defunct Queens Hideaway. Altogether there will be almost 100 vendors. Here's just a sampling:

Blue Bottle Coffee
King's Crumb, fried chicken from a Momofuku line cook
Bon Chovie, fried anchovies
Le Buena, Alex Raij's fresh gazpacho
Landhaus, BLTs
The Meat Hook, hot dogs, sausages, burgers, etc.
Queen's Dahn Tu, Vietnamese street food from the owner of Queen's Hideaway
Shorty Tans & Sons, sesame noodles
Speedy Romeo, fresh mozzarella
Tenpenny, market vegetables
Mile End, brisket
Porchetta, porchetta sandwiches
And that's just the beginning. Also look out for packaged food (Sam Mason's mayo) and baked goods Steve's Key Lime Pies).
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27 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY