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Graydon Carter and Restaurant Friends Consider Elaine's Buy

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Curbed notes that the two buildings housing storied Upper East Side restaurant Elaine's, the two buildings that current owner Diane Becker said she will sell when she closes the restaurant, are now on the market for $9.5 million. And they may already have some takers.

Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter, the owner of the The Waverly Inn and Monkey Bar, tells the Wall Street Journal that he's considering buying the two buildings with Ken Aretsky of Aretsky's Patroon and Ken Friedman of the Spotted Pig and The Breslin. He tells the paper: "I think we'll probably have a conversation about it later this week. You know Elaine's name is still pretty strong in people's minds. You wouldn't have to change much about the place. She kept it in great shape. You bring in a new cook. The staff is wonderful. Elaine's had a lot going for it." Stephen Jones of Knickerbocker Bar and Grill has also shown interest.
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1703 2nd Ave., New York, NY