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Upscale Czech Restaurant Hospoda to Open on Monday

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One major aspect of a recent renovation of the Bohemian National Hall, a Czech cultural center on the Upper East Side, is Hospoda, its large restaurant that "specializes in contemporary Czech cuisine, the art of pouring and the treatment of the celebrated Pilsner Urquell." It's a New York location of a fine dining restaurant that already exists in Prague, and it's set to open this Monday, May 23.

The kitchen will be overseen by chef Old?ich Sahajdak with his chef de cuisine Marek Sada. And the menu, which will be served a la carte or in a two or seven course prix fixe, includes items like house smoked beef tongue and Prague-style Ham with horseradish foam and poached egg. The "draught master" (an important position here apparently) is Lukas Svoboda.

As for the space, it seats 80 and features walls lined with graffiti-covered panels and a bar with an imported, custom built glass refrigerated cabinet that displays the restaurant's kegs of Pilsner. A glass floor in the center of the dining room looks down upon the beer cellar. Good times. Stay tuned for more as the opening approaches.
· Hospoda [Official Site]
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321 East 73rd Street, New York, NY 10021


321 East 73rd St., New York, NY