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Inventing and Mocking 'Dude-itors'; A Monster Cheese Party

WILLIAMSBURG/BUSHWICK—The Anchored Inn, a bar stuck somewhere between East Williamsburg and Bushwick, now serves burgers, hot dogs, and on weekends, pancakes. [Zagat]

CHEESE!The site is live and tickets are on sale for the annual Cheesemonger Invitational, a giant party for cheese makers and lovers. In addition to great food and samples, there will be a four round competition between the country's best cheesmongers. [EaterWire]

GUIDES— The 2011 version of Steve Plotnicki's Opinionated About Dining survey is live. Per Se, Masa, Jean Georges, and the other usual suspects get top billing. [OAD]

#SWAGGER—According to a pretty incredible WWD piece, Bon Appétit EIC Adam Rapoport is part of a gang of "Dude-itors": magazine editors who "project a certain aura of masculine confidence, a swagger that’s in demand these days, a generational cool." They're "slightly sensitive ones who can appeal to both women and men. They are guys who might keep a six-pack in the bottom drawer with the baseball and the moisturizer — the last of which Rapoport does." Please now see @dudeitor. [WWD; Twitter via Eater National]