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The Early Word on Pop Burger's Spinoff Pop Pub

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Pop Pub, a spinoff concept of Pop Burger recently opened on University Place. Pop Pub is supposedly more "pubby" than the "loungey" the original, and features a menu that offers some more variety (think lobster rolls). So far, here's what people are saying about the new concept.

The Amazing News: Charles L. had a grand old time at Pop Pub, and penned his glowing review on Yelp. He writes: "We went to Pop Pub the other night and I have to say it was an amazing experience, nothing else like it on University. First, the food is outstanding. You would think with a burger you're pretty safe, but these sliders are just outstanding (you get 2 per order too). The fries are also excellent, plus with the number of different import beers on tap you're guaranteed to leave happy... The price is right too for the quality. Honestly, you can't beat this place, it's the best." Someone has a crush. [Yelp]

The You Need to Get Your Act Together News: Not all is fine and well in the world of Pop Pub's Yelp Page. Alex W. was very disappointed by the experience, both food and the service. Alex writes: "Here's where we ran into problems: After trying to order the milkshake at the food counter, I was told that I could order that at the bar...fair enough...I mean, the coffee and espresso machine were there, so that's logical. So we walk those couple of steps to the bar and ask the bartender. He responds that I needed to order that from the food counter...getting a little frustrated, I returned back to the food counter and told the food guy that the bartender said I should order that here, and the food guy responds, uhh sorry I have no idea what that is, and that you should order it at the I give probably saved me $7 anyway, and I don't need to get the run around.... As for the food, the burgers were just ok...cooked medium with a nice pink on the inside. Tasty enough... The popcorn shrimp was way too heavily battered and was served in a tall cup, so while we picked away at the shrimp, all of them started steaming themselves and getting mushy...probably better off pouring them out of the cup onto the tray...or probably best off just not ordering them." Mushy popcorn shrimp! The horror! [Yelp]

Notes on the Invisible Burger: There are a few foursquare tips from early check ins at Pop Pub. Shakti S. says: "The Invisible Burger made with a crispy, juicy mushroom makes Shake Shack's version seem like airplane food." Fair enough, but how many calories does this version have? [Foursquare]

The Good but Potentially Biased News: The Burger Conquest blog was invited to check out Pop Pub before they opened to the public. They enjoyed the burgers and other grub they sampled: "I’m happy to report that the pop pub offers the same tasty Burger as the other two locations but now with a cool profile of craft beers!" Basically, it is up to the same standards as their sister, Pop Burger. [Burger Conquest]

The Fanatic News: A MenuPages user known as "muppet" loved Pop Pub so much they went there two times within 24 hours. Muppet writes: "I--ahem--popped in the other night for dinner and drinks with a friend. It was exactly what we wanted--great fried food, and casual yet chic environs. The fries were particularly excellent. So were the namesake mini burgers. We were so into it, my friend and I--ahem--popped in to check the place out during daylight fourteen hours later. We sat at the bar, drank some cappuccinos, and tested the Wifi (worked perfectly!). Count me a fan, night and day." [MenuPages]
—Jackie Goldstein

Pop Pub

41 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10003 (212) 477-7574 Visit Website

Pop Pub

83 University Pl., New York, NY