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George Mendes Gets Nostalgic at Seabra Marisqueira

New York City is home to a lot of restaurants, more than any rational human being can ever hope to visit. Among that number are hidden gems the majority of New Yorkers just aren't unearthing. To help guide us to these potential discoveries, we've enlisted some of our city's many food luminaries to share with us their under the radar recommendations for Dining Confidential.

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Our next pick comes to us from George Mendes of Aldea and, more recently, Top Chef Masters fame.

"I like Seabra Marisqueira because it reminds me of my childhood/teenage years. My mom and dad would take my sister and I out for Sunday afternoon lunch (which was really an early dinner), and we always went to a classical Portuguese spot in Danbury CT, where I grew up. The restaurant offered an array of rustic preparations, varied rice dishes , a lot of shellfish and specials --- suckling pig was very popular on Sundays---and there was always a soccer game on. Seabra Marisqueira captures that same vibe."
—Gary Wong
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Seabra Marisqueira

87 Madison St., Newark, NJ 07105