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Sixpoint Will Launch Canned Beer Line on Memorial Day

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Hallelujah hallelujah. Sixpoint, the quickly expanding Red Hook brewery, now offers its line of beers in pretty much every bar beer-lovers want to go to. But because the brewmasters only made bottles in limited release for friends and family, the thought of one day buying some to take home from a local bodega or specialty beer shop seemed a far off notion. No longer.

On Memorial Day, Sixpoint founder Shane Welch will release a line of 16 oz. canned Sixpoint beers, and they just released the images. He explains in a release that they went with cans because it's the ideal way to deliver beer. The product is fresher due to the lack of oxygen sealed in the can, cans are impervious to ambient light, they're easier to ship and transport, and production requires less energy. It's unclear at this point if the development means Sixpoint fans will see the cans in stores or in bars that are outside of the keg range soon—hopefully both—but it's a good sign.
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