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Harold Dieterle's Sausage, Congee, and Duck Egg

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Welcome back to Sound Bites, an Eater original video feature in which footage of the city's most badass chefs crafting their signature dishes is paired with tunes from up-and-coming musicians. Regarding the volume: turn it up.

In this week's edition of Sound Bites, we pair Chef Harold Dieterle and his Chiang Mai Sausage with Steamed Duck Egg at Greenwich Village restaurant Kin Shop with kickass Kansas rock group Rooftop Vigilantes. A short one but a good one. Click through for Dieterle's description of the dish.


This dish is a great example of how we are using traditional Thai flavors, but also incorporating Western cooking techniques. It all came about while I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand back in 2008. I would eat congee for breakfast nearly every morning and absolutely loved it. For our interpretation of the dish, I cook the congee with grilled red onions, fish sauce, rice vinegar, and chives, then add chopped razor clams and Thai basil stew for more flavor and texture. The sausage in the dish is homemade with pork butt and our own red curry. The duck egg that tops it all off is steamed at 150 degrees for 40 minutes and then placed on top. We finish it off with fried garlic and fried shallots. The dish has been a special for some time now and I haven’t taken it off because the reception has been so favorable. I have a lot of fun making it and it’s something I know most diners haven’t had before.
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Kin Shop

469 6th Avenue, New York, New York 10011 Visit Website

Kin Shop

469 6th Ave., New York, NY