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The Five Best Comments on Eater This Week

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Welcome to Saturday Night Five, where we shine a light on the best quips, barbs, burns, and nuggets of truth from Eater NY commenters. Here's this week's cream of the crop:
5) BrianVan's take on the fake TGI Friday's sign in the window of Sauce:

CB3 would get a TGI Friday's shutdown because the mudslides are obviously youth-targeted.
4) EatBigApple has an observation about Sam Sifton's writing style:
Does anyone feel that the way Sifton uses the comma before, the sentence ends. Makes it really difficult to follow, the writing.

I understand, that commas, make it sound, like dialogue. However sometimes it's annoying, just maybe?

3) An anonymous commenter picks sides in the Alex Stupak/Steve Plotnicki conflict:

If this were a video game, I'd be all slapping at every button on my controller and yelling at Stupak "FINISH HIM!"
2) MHeinz on the arrival of new pizza place 900 Degrees:
OMG that is so exciting that there will be yet another place to get pizza in the West Village. Soon everyone here will be able to obtain pizza, within 10 feet of their home.
1) Gargupie responds to SF critic Michael Bauer's criticisms of NYC food:
If he wanted fresh produce, why is he ordering cake and seafood? He should be ordering ramp pizza instead.
Congrats to this week's Saturday Night Five! Next round's on us.
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