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Josh Pickard Plans Downtown Rooftop Farm/Restaurant/Oasis

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Now that he's successfully opened The Dutch with partners Andrew Carmellini and Luke Ostrom, restaurateur Josh Pickard can focus on a new project, specifically one called Greenwich Gardens. Going off of new innovations with rooftop farming, Mr. Pickard is looking to open a farm/restaurant a la Blue Hill at Stone Barns, but on a roof of a 9-story office building at 609 Greenwich Street. The roof would be about 40 percent green-scape, then there would be a cottage with a 50 seat restaurant, a small pool, and a lounge. The sketches look like a Secret Garden-esque urban oasis.

He presented the plan before Community Board's 2 SLA Licensing Committee last night, and while his application was ultimately laid over until next month, locals were still out and literally screaming about the project. They felt it would bring down their property value, and felt they were being "sandbagged" as they didn't know about the project until recently. The three older women who spoke could also be heard in conversation as they were exiting: talking about how they would "rally the troops." Uh oh. Stay tuned for more on this project next month after Pickard does outreach with the community.
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Greenwich Gardens

609 Greenwich St., New York, NY