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Colors, Shoes, and Monkey Bars at APL, Opening Friday

[Krieger, 5/11/11]

Friday, Joey Verdone, reportedly a maven of the nightlife scene, opens apl at 146 Orchard on the Lower East Side. The colorful space seats 74 in the dining room and eight at the bar, features multicolored walls, a large skylight, monkey bars suspended in the air, etches of birds, and oh what's that above? It's shoes hung over wire, a symbol that in common folklore signifies the presence of a crack den (or a wedding).

What to eat? A bar menu is served until Tuesday, but they're touting the food at "Contemporary Continental." which in this case means American food with flavors and ingredients from "everywhere and anywhere." So they have fried pickles ($8), uni ravioli ($16), veal sweetbreads ($21), lobster stew ($26), and black pudding ($13). They also have cocktails and, why not, bottle service. As always, send early reviews and thoughts this way.

146 Orchard Street, Lower East Side

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146 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002 (212) 777-8600 Visit Website