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Mark Iacono and Assailant May Not Face Charges for Fight

Remember that crazy knife fight last month between Lucali's Mark Iacono and alleged mobster Benny Geritano? The one that left the famed pizza man in the hospital in critical condition? The one that may have been over a woman who worked in a card store? According to the Daily News, both Geritano and Iacono may get off scot-free.

The alleged mob associate is currently in the clink because his arrest last month may have violated his supervised release for a prior conviction. But the way things are shaping up, it looks like Geritano and Iacono won't testify before a grand jury about the fight, and if neither man snitches, there will be no grounds for a criminal case. Geritano's lawyer told the News: "So I think what's going to happen ... the charge against the pizza guy and the charge against Mr. Geritano are going to wither on the vine and not go forward."

Iacono is still in the hospital recovering from the fight, and the FBI is apparently investigating Geritano's alleged participation in a string of bank robberies. Lucali is now open Wednesday-Sunday, with a substitute pizza maker.
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