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Lobster Rolls for Greenpoint; Healthy Food for Acme Space

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GREENPOINT — A tipster sends word that a new lobster roll shack is opening up in the old Lamb & Jaffy space on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. A member from the team doing construction on the space said that it would open sometime next month. No word yet on the name of the new place. [EaterWire]

THE SEAPORTNewYorkology learns that Beekman Beer Garden, the new incarnation of Water Taxi Beach at the South Street Seaport, is opening for the season next week. On May 23, they are hosting the third annual El Coto de Rioja Paella Parade, a cooking competition between ten local chefs and restaurateurs. Tickets are $35. [NewYorkology]

NOHOFork in the Road gets some new intel on the re-do of the recently shuttered Acme Bar & Grill. According to owner Bob Pollock, the new iteration of the restaurant will be more focussed on healthy fare and using locally-sourced ingredients. He notes: "For our chefs there is enormous benefit in having direct access to the farms and producers, and for our customers there is the ultimate benefit on the plate." [FitR]

YELP WANTED People don't just use Yelp to rate/complain about restaurants, they also review gas stations, cemeteries, police precincts, and even locations of Planned Parenthood. Eater National has a list of some of the more ridiculous reviews on the site. [Eater National]

New Lobster Restaurant

1073 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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