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Sam Sifton Writing Thanksgiving Help Desk Cookbook

In a Forbes q&a with the Times' Sam Sifton, the restaurant critic reveals that he is working on a book! But it's not an historical restaurant world tome or a memoir a la predecessors William Grimes, Frank Bruni, and Ruth Reichl. It's actually a very niche cookbook:

For the last couple years I’ve spent Thanksgiving at the Times, answering reader questions online about Thanksgiving. It’s taught me a lot about the holiday. So I’m writing a book about that, a book that will help save America from dry turkey and nasty stuffing. It’s about how to cook Thanksgiving correctly.
America, your once a year savior is here! Given his current unique position, you probably won't see him any book tours promoting the work (unless he pulls a Bruni). Another fun line from the Forbes piece comes when asked what his least favorite part of the job is: "Eating at a bad restaurant three or more times is not fun, at least until you start writing about it."
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