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This Time Around, Torrisi Team Wins Approval for Parm

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Last month, Torrisi Italian Specialties fans were saddened (and some outraged) to learn that Community Board 2 denied the hot Nolita restaurant's liquor license request for their spinoff restaurant Parm. But no worries: things went better this time around.

Owners Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone impressed the committee at a meeting last night with their adjustments over the past month. They nixed the take out window idea from their plans; they'll be scheduling an extra garbage pickup for when the new restaurant opens; they removed the illegal benches; and they'll be taking some reservations at Torrisi in the fall. Although the original Torrisi outpost is not applying as part of this application, the owners decided to implement partial reservations as a good measure, since crowding on the streets in front of the sister restaurant had become a big concern of the board's. The Parm team also came with over 500 signatures in support of their project/license. Several in the audience spoke in support, singing love songs about Torrisi and how they can't wait for its new offshoot. One man said Torrisi and Carbone fit the neighborhood like a glove.

This time around they were easily given the okay from the committee with a deny unless they keep to those stipulations.
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—Reporting by Jackie Goldstein
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