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Miss Softee Hires Team of Sexy Costumed Employees

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Today DNA Info reports that Chrissy "Miss Softee" Michaels, one of the only female Mister Softee vendors in NYC, is expanding her operation to include nine new teams members. She's become a very popular ice cream lady over the years — people just love her can-do attitude and top notch soft serve-pulling skills. She also likes to wear low-cut evening gowns while she works the truck, so there's that.

The sexy clothing will actually play a big part in her expansion efforts. The female employees of her new operation, dubbed "The Rolling Cones," will dress like ballerinas, '50s pin-up girls, lady fire fighters, candy stripe girls, and Alice in Wonderland. One server even plans on wearing a bikini to work. Michaels notes: "It will be driven to the adults. But also to the children." If you want to catch The Rolling Cones, follow them on Twitter here.
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