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The 2 Man Chain Gang Visits Times Square's Red Lobster

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Max Silvestri is a comedian, Top Chef recapper and person. Rich Juzwiak is a blogger and sometimes a person. Tethered by their love for chain restaurants, they are the 2 Man Chain Gang. In this series of video restaurant reviews, they will leave no appetizer/meal deal unturned as they semi-seriously dissect what our great American chains are made of (spoiler alert: it's mostly cheese).

For our inaugural episode of 2 Man Chain Gang, we chose the great festival of cream and frozen shellfish that is The Red Lobster. Come bask with us in the glory of edible hermit crabs, 1,000-calorie desserts and, of course, Cheddar Bay Biscuits.
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The Red Lobster

5 Times Square, Nyc/5, New York, NY