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The Five Best Comments on Eater This Week

Welcome to Saturday Night Five, where we shine a light on the best quips, barbs, burns, and nuggets of truth from Eater NY commenters. Here's this week's cream of the crop:

5) Sommelier on the first episode of Top Chef Masters:

I thought that the most impressive thing about it was that Ruth Reichl made it through an entire hour without once saying "My mother, surely the world's worst cook..."
4) An anonymous commenter realizes something after reading Sam Sifton's review of M. Wells:
Wow, I've driven past this place countless times and always thought it was just a plain old greasy spoon. Great review, I'll stop in sometime.

3) BitchyWaiter jumps into the (very long) comment thread about the Anella owner who responded to the whiny Yelper:

That makes me want to go eat there.
2) EVReats on Sam Sifton's Moments of Zen:
Sounds like Sifton used to write for the J. Peterman catalog.
1) Sneakeater chimes in on the new sumo-themed restaurant planned for Midtown's Yotel:
I hope they're not going to try to house the sumo wrestlers in those hotel rooms.
Congrats to this week's Saturday Night Five! Next round's on us.
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