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Yotel to Bring Sumo Wrestling-Themed Restaurant to Midtown

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Yotel, a hotel that will open in a major Hell's Kitchen development this June, is notable for a few reasons. First, the ultra-compact rooms are just 167 square feet. Second, they have luggage robots. Third, and here's where things start get interesting for us, it will be home to Dohyo, a sumo wrestling-themed restaurant, where "Tables lower and raise for Japanese style seating and a performance area out of dining hours."

The hotel will also feature what they claim is the largest outdoor terrace in the New York hotel scene, two bars, pagodas, and warming fire pits. Check out the terrace, complete with marshmallowy enclosures, below.


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570 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10036


570 10th Ave., New York, NY