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Inside David Bouley's Long Awaited Brushstroke

[Krieger, 3/7/11]

After three years of planning, cajoling multiple community board committees, changing venues, recruiting chefs, dealing with delays, and tweaking the concept, famed chef David Bouley's new Tribeca Japanese restaurant Brushstroke will open to the public on April 20. Located in the old Danube/Secession space, Brushstroke was designed by the folks who did minimalist Japanese store Muji and seats 54 in the dining room (including 15 seats at the exhibition kitchen), has a giant wall of books, a large slab of steel, and a small bar and lounge space with some pink chairs.

An la carte menu, as well as a full selection of sushi, will be available in the bar and lounge, but what you're really aiming for here is their prix fixe six, eight, and 10 course menus ($85 - $135 depending on the season). Why? Because as press material say, the two chefs in charge here, Isao Yamada and Hiroki Murashima, "are on a journey to create something special, something beautiful, something timeless?and Brushstroke is their canvas."

And it better be special, because Bouley has been dreaming about this restaurant—which he built in partnership with the Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka—for 15 years and has developed over 10,000 sample dishes for the place. By the looks of the sneak peeks both The Cuozz and Jay Cheshes had at Bouley Studio, it could be something indeed.

Brushstoke will be open from 5:30 - 11 PM six days a week. Lunch will come this summer. 212-791-3771 for reservations.

Brushstroke Menu ($85)

Early Spring Vegetables Tossed in Miso-Mustard Dressing
Young Herbs Lightly Fried in Batter

???? ??????????

???? ????

Chawan-mushi Egg Custard
Layered with a Dungeness Crab and Black Truffle Sauce

???? ??????

???? ?????

Delicately Seared Strips of Tuna Sashimi
???? ?

Grilled Black Cod in Sesame Marinade
Lightly Seared Sea Urchin Sprinkled with Pistachio

???? ????????? ?

???? ???????

Hirousu Tofu Croquette Floating in a Ginger Ankake Sauce


Julienned Squid Tossed with Umeboshi, Shiso and Ginger

???? ?????

???? ?

Duck Smoked with Sencha Leaves
Softened Agebitashi Eggplant, Buckwheat Okayu, Sencha Tea Sauce

???? ??

???? ????????? ?????


Marbled Wagyu Beef and Grilled Hearts of Palm
Dipping Sauces of Goma-dare Sesame and Ponzu Vinegar

???? ??

???? ???????????

Choice of Rice Dish

Tempura of Early Spring Vegetables and Tiny Shrimp
Served Over Dashi Steamed Rice

???? ????????????


Sesame Marinated Sea Bream and Dashi Steamed Rice
Served with Warm Chazuke Broth



Chunks of Lightly Seasoned Raw Tuna
Served over Dashi Steamed Rice (add $8)

??? (+$8)


Assorted Nigiri Sushi
Served with Seasonal Soup

???? ???


Arrangement of Onigiri Rice Balls Wraped in Nori
Served with House-made Pickles and Seasonal Soup

???? ??????

???? ??


Dunguness Crab Steamed with Rice
Prepared in a Rustic Do-nabe Pot (add $15)

???? ?????????? (+$15)

Soymilk Panna Cotta Drizzled with Matcha Green Tea Sauce

???? ????????????

???? ?

30 Hudson Street, Tribeca

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30 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013 Visit Website