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Anella Owner Puts Whiny Yelper in Her Place

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Every once in awhile its nice to see a restaurant owner put a whiny and entitled Yelp complainer in his or her place. Today's example is by no means epic, and could be considered, when you take into account how some restaurateurs behave, pretty civil and polite. But it's a fun read and reminder that there is always another side to the story. First, Yelper Joan C's complaint about Greenpoint restaurant Anella:

...we'd gone out of our way to make reservations for 7 of us, and while 3 of us showed up on time, the rest of our party was lost somewhere in Gpoint. At which point the uber bitchy hostess says, we can only hold your table until 9:15pm and then we're giving it away. We offered to go ahead and order for our lost compadres and apologized profusely, promising that our companions were definitely on their way, but she refused to make any accommodations. She snidely suggested we try to sit at the bar. ALL SEVEN OF US.
Now I've eaten at a lot of hoity toity restaurants, but NEVER have I encountered such a terrible attitude from a hostess. You'd think we were trying to get a table at Daniel. And we made a reservation!! This is Gpoint, dude. How do you get off with an attitude like that for a sweet neighborhood restaurant in Gpoint?!?!?! I am never coming back.

Maybe she just needs to get laid.

Nice closer! Now, Blair P would like to jump in:
Hi Joan. I am the hostess, although most people know me as the owner. I just wanted to say thanks so much for making it clear what our super reasonable seating policy is. We do not seat incomplete parties in our 30 seat restaurant, especially on a Saturday night, especially when we have other customers who have been waiting an hour for a table. And lets be honest Joan, you and two of your friends arrived at 9:15 for your 9:00 reservation, the rest of your party was still not complete at 9:25 when I finally gave away your table. Your friend had made the reservation that afternoon for 8 people and I explained to him our rules. He said no problem. Sorry you felt the need to personally attack me about this, Joan. Seems likes it best for all involved that you've sworn to never return.
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