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Say Goodbye to Cafe Centosette, Reginella, Marketa and Clo

Welcome back to the weekly Shutter. Know of any other restaurant that has met its demise? Let us know.
2011_cafe_centrosette1.jpg1) East Village: EV Grieve reports that Cafe Centosette on 10th Street and 2nd Avenue has closed. It seems the Italian spot was on the market for the past few weeks. [EVG]

2) Brooklyn Heights: The Fork in The Road notes that Reginella has shuttered. This casual Italian spot was known for its hot dog and french fry pizza, so you will have to look elsewhere next time you crave that. The owners plan to reopen in the same spot with a new concept. [FitR]

3) East Village: A tipster to EV Grieve writes in that Go Japanese on St. Mark's Place has closed. They are not exactly sure when it happened but there is also a For Rent sign in the window, even though it's kind of falling down. [EVG]

4) East Village: EV Grieve also brings word that Singas Pizza on Avenue C and 6th Street has closed for renovations. A sign says they will be opening soon under new management. [EVG]

5) East Village: A tipster lets us know that the Wendy's on 14th Street near Union Square is dunzo. [ShutterWire]

6) Midtown West: Midtown Lunch laments the displacement of Cycle Cafe's crepe lady, Madeleine. She had left the cafe temporarily, but now it seems to be permanent as there is no more crepe station in the store. Sad. [Midtown Lunch]

7) Midtown West: Marketa, the Greek market on 56th Street from the team behind Milos, has closed for renovations Midtown Lunch reports. Signage says they will be reopening soon. [Midtown Lunch]

8) Central Park South: Zagat received word that Clo, a trailblazer in electric wine listing, is no more. No news on a replacement in the Time Warner Center yet. [Zagat Buzz]
—Jackie Goldstein
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Cafe Centosette

160 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10003-5754