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East Village to Try Again with All Day Breakfast Concept

Once upon a time, a well-meaning restaurateur leased a restaurant space on Avenue A in the East Village in the hopes of turning it into a restaurant/fish monger. He obtained 1,000 signatures of support from the local citizenry, presented his case, and won over much of Community Board 3. But he was denied. (And he then called CB3 "communists.")

So the restaurateur Keith Masco (who is locked into a 10 year lease) is now trying again by bringing his unusually named and relatively new Williamsburg concept B.A.D to 171 Avenue A. The moniker stands for "breakfast all day," and the menu is about as expansive as Kenny Shopsin's and just as eccentric. The restaurant will also have a dessert bar and a juice bar and "There will also be Xbox, Playstation TVs in the back room as well as a few vintage games like Asteroids or Pac-man."

Can a place serving bbq shrimp pancakes, crushed matzoh and eggs scrambled with grape jelly, and a chicken fried burger wrapped in bacon succeed where other breakfast all day concept, Permanent Brunch, failed? It's something for Avenue A dwellers to ponder as they trek to Whole Foods to buy their fresh fish.
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171 Ave. A, New York, NY