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NYC to Get its Third Artisanal Grilled Cheese Truck in May

In the span of six months, New York will go from having zero grilled cheese trucks, and doing just fine thank you, to having three. Back in January The Milk Truck hit the Brooklyn Flea (they're getting on the road in June), Gorilla Cheese NYC made a splash last month, and now Fork in the Road reports that the new, less fancifully named Morris Grilled Cheese Truck will debut at the end of May. That's in addition to the grilled cheese-centric restaurant that just opened in Astoria. Naturally Morris' bread comes from Grandaisy, Balthazar, and Orwasher's, his cheese from Saxelby and Murray's and he's planning soups and dipping sauces.

Is there really a market for this much artisanal melted cheese on bread?
· The Morris Grilled Cheese Truck Will Bring Even More Melted Dairy to the Streets [FitR]