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LIC's Water Taxi Beach Shutters to Make Way for Sewer

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Man, it's a rough day for Water Taxi Beach news. Not only is the South Street Seaport location turning into a German beer garden (with no sand or fake palm trees), but now we learn that the original, much-beloved Long Island City branch is officially closed for good. Gothamist breaks the sad news, confirming rumors that the summer time party spot might not return this year. As it turns out, the waterfront space the fake beach sits on needs to be razed so that the city can build storm water sewer outfalls for a new development in Hunters Point. Owner Tom Fox apparently begged the city to let them build a bigger, better outdoor spot in a vacant lot just up the way, but the deal was a no-go. So, as of this afternoon, the only Water Taxi beach is the one on Governor's Island.
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Water Taxi Beach

2 Borden Ave., Queens, NY